Spherical bearing

The spherical bearings manufactured by SCHREIBER permit a very high level of rotation with very little friction and ensure the controlled transfer of loads between different parts of the structure.

Bridge bearings

Operating principle

Spherical bearings consist of a steel base plate that supports the dome, a convex dome and a steel sliding plate that transfers the changes in length and rotations of the structure. The surface of the dome is polished to keep the friction as low as possible. Loads are transferred from the base plate to the steel slide plate via the dome. This means that spherical bearings are able to transfer very high horizontal loads.

Product advantages

  • For the absorption of large vertical and horizontal forces
  • No product-related restrictions to horizontal displacement
  • High absorption of torsional forces resulting from rotations (up to 3° or more)
  • 50-year service life
  • Easy to install