About us

Anyone who builds bridges helps to bring people together and overcome barriers. It is therefore clear that for a company with great experience of bridge expansion technology, the human element is of the utmost importance. Our mission: cutting-edge technologies. Our philosophy: Respect and transparency


  • Founded in 1798
  • Represented in 17 countries
  • Products of outstanding quality
  • Sand blasting and spray galvanisation
  • Modern coating facility
  • Fully automatic welding systems

Our mission

Due to the varying horizontal and vertical loads they are subjected to, bridges are supported by sliding and elastic bearings. A range of bridge bearings are available depending on the assumed loads, which combine both the intrinsic weight of the structure and the traffic load. Schreiber Brücken-Dehntechnik designs and manufactures all its bearing variants and roadway expansion joints in accordance with the most recent engineering standards. The continuous further development of bearing technology, coupled with the supply of products for new construction and renovation projects worldwide, makes us one of the leading companies in the field of bridge expansion technology. We are also much in demand as a partner for bridge renovations, as well as for tailor-made special components.

Our mission

Our philosophy

As a mid-sized company whose centuries-long history is rooted in trade and craftsmanship, we are committed to the satisfaction of our customers as much as we are to that of our employees. We make sure that the communication routes in our company are short and efficient. Because the paths between the various departments are direct and unconstrained by hierarchies, we can react extremely quickly.

All our employees enjoy a high level of individual responsibility and work at all times to contribute to the overall result. The personal contact between our staff continues the tradition of our family-run business. Timeless and sustainable.