For thousands of years, bridges have been part of human life. Wooden bridges date back to the time of the Hittites around 2000 BC. However, it was not until 1779 that the first cast-iron bridge was built. And almost another century was to pass before the first steel bridge was erected. Nowadays, bridges have developed to become fascinating and extremely complex high-tech structures. With a history going back to 1798, Schreiber Brücken-Dehntechnik has the comprehensive experience needed to provide contemporary solutions.


The blacksmith Konrad Weber purchases a property on the main road running through the town of Mainhardt in Baden-Württemberg. Here, he shoes working animals and manufactures agricultural machinery.


A modern factory is built on the existing site. From now on, this produces vendor parts for the construction industry as well as bridge bearings and expansion joints.


The owner’s son, Kurt Georg Schreiber, acquires a holding in the company.


The company relocates to Mainhardt’s “Am Moosbach” industrial estate. New products for the bridge bearing and expansion joint sectors are included in the production portfolio.


The company acquires neighbouring premises on the “Am Moosbach” industrial estate to extend its existing space. An additional production hall is constructed.


The company is acquired by the VICODA Group.