Pot bearings as per DIN EN 1337-5

Pot bearings permit the controlled transmission of loads between the superstructure and substructure. These bearings are an economical solution for small to medium loads in all types of structures.

Bridge bearings

Operating principle

Pot bearings consist of a spherical steel pot and an elastomer roundel that is integrated within it. A steel lid is placed above this and transfers the vertical loads via the elastomer roundel through to the base plate. This roundel permits rotations in the structure. The surrounding edge of the pot prevents the elastomer from escaping to the side. To prevent the disc from being squeezed out from the base plate when compressed, a special seal is installed in the elastomer roundel. When subjected to pressure, the elastomer acts as a non-compressible fluid that permits rotations.

Product advantages

  • For the absorption of large vertical and horizontal forces
  • No product-related restrictions to horizontal displacement
  • Easy to install
  • 50-year service life